Hi, I‘m so pleased to meet you.

I am Colleen. I am a divorced Mom with 2 teenagers. I have walked the path to Recreate my life.

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I was born in Dallas, Texas and grew up all over the country with Hippie parents. It wasn’t an easy childhood but what I gained was resilience and positivity. I settled as a young woman and worked hard to build a successful career as a talent agent in Hollywood before getting married and having my 2 children. During those years, I became certified as a Life Coach and began a thriving practice working with women in transition. Many of these women were working moms who were going through life changes. I coached them in business, parenting and finding fulfillment grounded in their authentic values.

I discovered that we as women are always growingevolving and succeeding most effectively with a plan and support. I was married for 15 years. When I got divorced, I found myself alone and without my former identity or a plan for my future. I had to go through this difficult transition, just like so many of my clients. I worked to put together the truly valuable components to rebuild my life as a balanced, successful divorced woman and mother.

I live with purpose, to serve and help other women.

I enjoy my teenagers and have a good relationship with their father, I have created financial security, I have a spiritual practice that supports my inner wellbeing as well as a healthy lifestyle. I have manifested a deeply safe and loving romantic relationship and now at this phase of life I fully embrace what I call Heaven.

She is thoughtful with her insights and guidance, and also often provides a perspective on situations, which is personally tailored to my needs, that I would have never taken the time to consider. Her coaching has been a critical support during my career.


Colleen was able to ask the perfect questions to evoke my dreams and desires, while taking into account practical needs, so that I could create a life that reflects my authentic self. I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through this without Colleen’s expertise and compassionate guidance.



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This group is for Moms who are on the journey to recreate their lives after separation or divorce. This is our opportunity to shine, grow and live our best life.