Separated or Divorced Moms:

Join me on the Journey to a New and Joyful Life

I help recently separated or divorced moms start over with a solid plan covering all aspects of life.

You can create a new, empowered, confident and beautiful life after the wounds and devastation that result from ending a marriage. My masterclass will give you the step by step plan.

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After ending my marriage, I wished I could have felt strong, confident and independent.

Most of all I want to feel excited about the future.

I was lucky that I got there through trial and error, and investing a lot of time, effort and energy in myself. Now I have the pleasure of helping other women do the same.

Colleen held strength for me when I was at my rock bottom and she had faith in me when I had none.  I am grateful (and relieved) that I have come through and now carry my own strength, confidence and faith.  But I can say for sure that I wouldn’t be in this grounded state now without Colleen as my coach.


Working with Colleen, I never felt alone. She gave me the confidence, courage  and motivation to challenge unproductive patterns so I could start living the live I deserve to live.