Second Chance Online Coaching Course

I help women during the Divorce transition. My method is based on taking this experience and finding the opportunity to expand and improve your life. A Second Chance at creating a life based in reality. After you process the sadness, get real, take stock of your present, then you can arrive at an exquisitely beautiful life filled with Love and hope.

Second Chance is an 8 week online coaching course with personal coaching that is designed to move you quickly through healing and recreating your vision in all areas of your life. This course is about positive movement and taking charge of your Future.

We focus on YOU and what YOU want. The trainings are deep, direct and honest. I call on you to claim your next stage of life and take responsibility for what you deserve and what is in the way.

Does this sound like you?

You are stuck and find the Divorce has left you unmoored, insecure and without a plan for your future.

You are still focused on your ex, the past and triggered by your communication.

You can't find the courage or confidence to put yourself out there and believe there is a safe, healthy and loving Man for you.

You know that if you don't really make some changes soon, your kids will see you floundering and that is NOT the kind of role model you want to be.

You are ready and able to invest in yourself, reach out for help and hire a Coach to guide you through this TRANSFORMATION.


One on One Transformational Coaching

2 one hour sessions per month where we dive in to your unique situation and quickly develop a strategy to get you where you want to be in your life.
We will work through your belief and defense systems, deservability, sabotage and creative visualization to achieve your authentic vision for your life! I employ both deep mindset work as well as very practical goals and tasks based on your values. This is coaching is a chance to make big long lasting changes.