This has been a strange few days, as we are waiting to know the political fate of our country, we sit with uncertainty.

If you are experiencing a life transition such as separation or divorce you know this feeling well. Some spiritual and emotional healing teachers say our strength and maturity lie in that simple act -being able to sit with discomfort or uncertainty and not let that define our well-being.

The pain and sadness that often accompanies the end of a marriage is overwhelming. I struggled to put on a brave face for my children and but was dying inside not knowing how I would survive. The opportunity is also there for healing, growth, and new life. If you need support and are ready to face your fears and commit to yourself then please book a coaching call with me. I can help.

These calls are free and for moms that are coachable, resourceful, and ready to make a radical change.

If that’s you, I invite you to participate. Book a time for us to dive in.

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