Time to move on


When you recognize your marriage is going to end its a long way to regaining a sense of self. I call this the Messy Middle. For some the marriage ends unexpectedly for others it’s been a long time coming. Both scenarios require healing, grieving and making plans to move forward. 

When your life as you knew it becomes dismantled, all your dreams and your identity come apart. The number one thing women ask for is “How do I regain my confidence, get back to the women I was before?” It is daunting to try to move forward with a new life when you feel so much weaker and less than. Self worth is usually damaged in the process of a divorce because we feel guilty and like we failed. Just one spark of feeling good about yourself can develop into a new life. That’s what we are looking for… One thing about yourself you truly LOVE. Send me a note telling me that one thing you can hold on to about yourself. This will be a great start. We can talk about how to develop your strength.

As many of you know I offer a 8 week online course designed to help put your life back together better than before after separation or divorce. Anyone interested should watch my Masterclass first to get a feel for the work I do.

My website with Masterclass link and fb group

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