Let's be sure this Free Breakthrough call is for you.

My aim is to share with you my wisdom, expertise and support. Many areas of your life need an overhaul in order to recreate yourself and begin the life you were meant to live. Your best life. The one that is waiting for you, where you commit to yourself and to your future. On this private, 45 minute coaching call we will dive in and construct a solution.

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I've been through this, I understand how hard it is to pick yourself up after the end of your marriage only to find that you are lost, lonely, insecure, and without a plan. I also know there is a gorgeous new life waiting for you now.

This is for you...

This is for you if you are ready to take action, step forward and be honest about what you want and deserve.

This is not for you...

This is not for you if you are unable to make big changes at this time, if you are looking for a quick fix or if you are just looking for information. My Facebook group is a wonderful way to join my tribe and feel supported that way.

Working with Colleen closely, has allowed me to pause and reflect in a way I would never have been do with the pressures of 'life', to then focus on what really matters to me and keep that tunnel vision on my goals long term.


Colleen has the calm and ‘tuned-in’ wisdom to plant the perfect seed at the perfect moment, knowing just when I’m ripe for the particular message and ready to receive.  She also employs an action-plan approach for problem solving with both straight-forward and mindful assignments.