Out of Control

Are any of you experiencing a lack of safety during COVID 19? Just a kind of general fear? My bubble is expanding constantly with two teenagers, my fiance and his three kids. I never know how many people we have really come in contact with. We try our best. My ex has his own bubble and the kids go back and forth. Feels out of control.

This reminds me of how I felt when we first separated and I no longer had a handle on my family. I didn’t know what it was really like for my kids when they went to their Dad’s house. When they complained I tried to be supportive and listen. I smoothed over the hard times and hoped for the best. I know I missed some important dates and even had to take a job out of the country, away for months. I told myself the kids would gain some grit. Something I had plenty of in my childhood.

A few years down the line, I discovered how hard it was for them. More than I thought. I sank in regret and guilt for a few days. Then I brushed myself off and stood back up and faced the next day with them and the struggles they were having. I let go of my perfect family years ago and now I let go of a perfect divorce. Everyone will take a hit.

I do believe it’s all about the recovery.  Taking action, rebuilding your life and modeling for your kids that you go on with a strong and positive attitude. Get help, healing and tons of support. That’s why I do this work. I’ve been there and most places in the process. My coaching clients shifted shortly after I got divorced and I have been on purpose for the last five years helping women create a next and BEST life. I love it! I would love to share the work with you if you are ready. Watch my Masterclass, book a call and lets get started.

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