Lost Now Found


I am grateful you are here. I understand how lost and humiliated you may feel after the dream of your husband and family comes to a crashing end. It’s embarrassing to find yourself in the last place you ever expected, alone. Your identity and position within your community, friends and family, changed to a single Mom. I remember the first year it was so hard to go out or face the world. Not only was I crushed but I had no idea where I fit in. You may feel broken after years of a difficult marriage and now the insecurity and feeling of failure is stopping you from claiming your new life. 

I hope you had a chance to watch my Masterclass and learn the 5 shifts my clients make to heal the sadness of divorce and move forward with strength and confidence. Most women feel they have a better life after a bad marriage. But it takes a commitment to yourself and your FUTURE. 

Take the first step NOW and get started with my method. I can help you get there. 


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