Just Like You

Just like you, I fell in love and got married. In my case it was quick- 4 months. I had a Hollywood Career and was financially independent but when my first child was born I was determined to care and love him the way I had missed in my childhood. I gave it all up and became a stay at home Mom for the next 8 years. I will never know if that was the reason my marriage failed or just two people who couldn’t make it work. We carried on living separate lives for years. Until we both wanted out. I was the initiator, always a tough position to be in. We had put the kids first for so long it felt selfish to make this choice and scary. I knew I couldn’t carry on and that our relationship was not a good model for the kids. But still, it was the hardest and biggest decision of my life. The other big ones were fun and hopeful. This one was confusing and complicated. I listened to my gut and followed my instinct. I did the right thing.

Some of you may be at the beginning of the decision. Some may be further along and ready to rebuild. The principles are the same. Go to the deepest part of you, the inner knowledge that has kept you alive and ask the question about what’s next. What do you deserve, what do you need to heal and what kind of support do you need to make this transition to your next Life?

This is what I do. I have been through it. I offer coaching programs for women in the Transformation to a SECOND CHANCE at your life!!!

At any time you wish to join the course I offer please reach out and book a Breakthrough Call. We can discuss where you are, what you want and how to get there.


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