It is your Second Chance


You are here for a reason,

You are ready to get help and join my community in some way.

I know you have been suffering and that separation or divorce has left you reeling. I know how difficult it can be to find your new path. I have personally been there and have also helped many women like you. Remaining stuck is hurting you and your children.

Does this sound like you?

-Are you lost, sad, and grieving, missing your old life

-Do you feel stuck and unable to take steps to restart your life

-Are you lonely and paralyzed with guilt or regret especially when it comes to your children. How you have scarred them. Wondering how long this will continue to have a negative effect on them.

-Are you avoiding your community, family, and being out in the world because you feel embarrassed or shame around the failure of your marriage.

-Are you unsure what’s next how to get organized with all the parts of life

-Are you afraid to even think about the future because you can’t imagine how it could be good

-Are you still engaged in a painful power struggle with your ex feeling like they have the power to ruin you

My clients are given a step by step plan with goals that are based in their value.  This simple structure leads to a new way of living after a divorce.

Get your house in order, meaning all aspects of life, this leads to so much more courage and confidence to go out into the world again.

There are several things I can do to help you.

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