Good Days, Bad Days & Repeat



Sometimes the loneliness gets too much to bear and you reach out for help. I have clients that come to me from Facebook and we both feel it’s a message from the universe connecting us during hard times. For some women after getting separated or divorced the pain, the sadness comes and goes. Good days and then bad days. Two steps forward and one back. This is typical especially because there is so much to contend with it is often very overwhelming. Dealing with a toxic ex, kids torn apart, financial problems, needing a new home, and your own emotional wounding. Many women find they are stuck, surviving just getting through the day but not truly moving forward with their new life.

Getting separated or divorced can be the start of a wonderful new phase of life. Your second chance. If you want to jump start this process and really get UNSTUCK it requires a strong system and even stronger intention. You need to be coachable, committed, and resourceful. If that is you- book a Breakthrough Coaching Call to get started. I can’t wait to give you some solutions.

This is about claiming your future. Finding your strength and confidence. Loving yourself and creating a beautiful new life for you and your kids. It’s all right here- you can do this!

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