Break the chains for GOOD



There is so much free floating anxiety in the air as we approach the holidays. It is hard to split up the family and share the special dates. We are also factoring in COVID19 and how to navigate a safe bubble? This time is very triggering, bringing up sadness and pain from way back. For some the longing and wish for a safe, happy family life feels hopeless. If you are on your own,  you may feel like a failure and that you carry the load for making everything nice and good for the kids but what about you??? It can be a heavy load and I don’t just mean the work but the feelings too. Sometimes this can be crippling and makes it impossible to move on with your life. But you must. You must pull yourself up and take action to change this forever. To Break the Chains of the pattern, not just for the rest of your life but for your kids.

If you are ready to commit, you can regain your confidence and optimism. If you are ready to invest in yourself and get started. You want to start 2021 with a new feeling and attitude. You want to have solid, attainable goals and a plan to achieve those goals in the first quarter of 2021. I work with women who are turning their lives around as we speak with an 8 week system and coaching support that works. All my clients have made breakthroughs and are on the path to an easier more joy filled life as a single Mom ready to date and to enjoy healthy relationships.

Book a Breakthrough call. Let’s get you started. on the call we will explore your current situation, get you some take away value and determine if you are the right fit for my Second Chance course.


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