Tuomo Virtanen

Director of Photography

Fazer "Blue" / Chase the Taste

Dir: Jappe Agency: Front Desk

Dunkin Donuts

Dir: Jamie Travis Agency: Interrogate


Dir: Misko Iho Agency: Wonderful Pictures

Interstate Batteries

Dir: Misko Iho Agency: Interrogate

Yoplait / Food Revolution

Dir: Vesa Manninen Agency: Hobby Films


Dir: Pete Riski Agency: Rattling Stick

Nintendo/Face Your Fears

Dir: Misko Iho Agency: Interrogate

Reale Mutual/Notes

Dir: Vesa Manninen Agency: The Family

N&Q/Chinese Fashion Revolution

Dir: Holo Lu Agency: Grandma

RIF/Book People Unite

Dir: Rafael Fernandez Agency: Green Dot Films


Dir: Misko Iho Agency: Wige


Dir: Vesa Manninen Agency: Directors Guild


Dir: Vesa Manninen Agency: Outsider


Dir: Misko Iho Agency: Interrogate

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Colleen Dolan Vinetz
tel: 424-261-3456
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Tuomo Virtanen is a cinematographer working in the film, television and advertising industries. Tuomo has shot over 1000 commercials around the world including five feature films in his native Finland. Collaborating consistently with RESET director Vesa Manninen, Rattling Stick’s Pete Riski and Interrogate’s Misko Iho, his brand work ranges from projects for Nintendo to Wrigley, IKEA, Citroen, Nokia and Carlsberg, to name a few.


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